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1. What kind of maids is available?
Both male and female maids are available for 24hrs and also from morning to evening (i.e. 8:30 am to 5:30pm).
2. What kind of work generally homemaids will do?
All household work like cleaning, dusting, sweeping & moping, washing utilities, washing clothes, keep your premises spic and span.
3. What kind of work the cook will do?
The cook will take care of your kitchen. They will be specialized cook in south Indian, north Indian, Thandoori, continental etc., cook will take care of the cooking part and keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.
4. What kind of work the baby care will do?
Totally they will take care of a baby just like bathing the baby, feeding the baby and entertaining the baby and giving sleep to the baby. (Age will be from new born to 1 year).
5. What kind of work the child care will do?
Child care totally they will take care of a child, giving a bath, feeding the child, making ready for the play school and run behind the child and entertaining the child (1year to 5 years).
6. What kind of work the patient care will do?
Patient care totally will take care of the patient giving sponge bath to a patient than feeding the patient, guiding the patient in all the way and they will take care both bedridden patient and also a movable patient.
7. What work generally the home nurse will do?
Home nurse nothing but the qualified nurse recruiting to a house, they will take care of BP Checkup, Sugar check up, temperature check up, and providing medicines on time, home nurse will provide both the sponge wash and medicine too.
8. What is the difference between patient care and home nurse?
Patient care is nothing but an ayah who got experience in taking care of the patient but home nurse is qualified nurse who will come and work in your house. Home nurse can able to take care of the patient with medical attendance.
9. Is your maids literate?
We cannot able to assure a well educated person, but normally person who can manage everything.
10. From where these maids from?
We had maid's data bases in and around your area or local or from some out stations.
11. Do they have experience of household work?
Yes, they have the experience of doing the work with previous employer excepting few cases. Whoever every house has the different way of working which you may have to get her familiar.
12. Do we want to provide holidays for homemaids?
Yes, they are entitled for 2 days holidays in a month for a stay back and weekly one day holiday for a regular, which may be decided mutually.
13. What do you mean by regular and stay back candidate?
A Regular candidate comes by morning 8.30 am and leave by 5:30 pm in the evening. Stay back candidate stays for 24 hrs a day.
14. What is the guarantee of the maid?
Our data base holds the complete details of maids. I.e. ration card copy, or Voters card or Author card Photograph and other information of her was about.
15.Which are all the areas you have maids?
We had maids in all cities of India. We too provide homemaids to abroad.
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17. Is the salary of the homemaids are fixed?
The salary of the maid shall be payable according to the prevailing market and maids expectations.
18. What is the procedure to view the maid's full profile?
Initially you have to fill the customer registration form and you have to take a package against the payment. As per your payment plans you can view the number of candidates.
19. Is it possible to view all the candidates' full profile in a time?
No, it is not possible to view all the candidates' full profile at a time. You can view one candidate full profile in a time with phone number, mobile number, documents and residential address. If you are not satisfied with the profile you can open another full profile by closing the previous one.
20. How shall I get a maid?
From the date of payment you are assessable to view the full profile of the candidate. You can search the best maid which is suitable to your requirement and view the full profile of the candidate, and then you can call the candidate for the direct interview. As soon she comes to your house or office or desired place you both decided, you can interview the candidate thoroughly, discuss about all the conditions of both the parties. If both are satisfied with the terms and condition then both can fix a date to start up the working contract.
21. After we selects a candidate is that maid will be viewed by other customer?
Surely it is not. If you confirmed a candidate you have to block the candidate profile by hired option.
22. Is that candidate profile blocked by a customer will be permanently blocked?
No, Candidate profile will be blocked till the customer reopens the candidate profile or customer contact period is over.
23. If I am satisfied with one candidate what is the procedure to keep that candidate for long term?
You can keep the candidate till your package period without disturbance. To continue the same candidate you have to renewal the contract otherwise her profile will be open and there is a chance for other customers to call her for more salary. If she leaves company is not liable for that of your negligence.
24. Is that candidate is trust worth able?
Yes, because all the candidates documents proof will be attached in the profile. For more reliability you can cross verify them through your personal persons or you can do police verification also.
25. Weather the candidate will have a proper mobile or land line number?
Without proper mobile number they cannot able to upload the profile. So each profile will have proper mobile number or land line number. Without proper document their profile will get rejected by our backend team.
26. For how long the membership is valid and what is the procedure to renewal the contract?
From the date of registration membership is valid as per your payment plans.
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